Our mission is to publish the most valuable technical analysis reports and create many various trading tools for the world.

Our Priorities
Be the most trusted

We filter every decision we make through the question: “Does this help us become the most trusted brand in the space?” Trust is the sum of every interaction customers have with us as a company. It requires us to be world class at security, compliance, technology, customer support, design, and more.

Be the easiest to use

When designing our products, an important factor we consider is to make it easier for customers to use. This will bring more positive results to our products.

Trading Feel Values
Clear communication
  1. We share information efficiently, improving collaboration and productivity.
  2. We’re succinct, candid, and kind.
  3. We practice active listening.
  4. We talk to people directly about issues, instead of concealing or choosing gossip.
Positive energy
  1. We’re optimistic about the future and determined to get there.
  2. We co-create solutions instead of choosing blame and criticism.
  3. We create moments of play at work.
  4. We take care of each other, and help each other grow. 
Continuous learning
  1. We view every situation as an opportunity to learn (especially when the going gets tough).
  2. We’re more interested in learning than being right.
  3. We value giving and receiving regular feedback.
  4. We learn from and mentor those around us.
Efficient execution
  1. We complete high quality work quickly by working smarter, not harder.
  2. We value completing tasks, instead of just talking about them.
  3. We prefer automation over manual work.
  4. We prioritize, focusing on the 20% that will get us 80% of the impact.